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The Yellow Ribbon Fund

Posted by YellowRibbon - August 12th, 2009

General Info:

The Yellow Ribbon Fund was created in early 2005 to assist our injured service members and their families while they recuperate at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center. Our mission began when the father of an injured Marine introduced two of our volunteers to staff at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval and they told us what needs were not met by other donors.

In almost four years contributions made through the Yellow Ribbon Fund have provided the following for injured service members and their families: 900 free rental cars: over 11,000 free taxi rides; over 4,000 free hotel room nights; and 38 families have used our five apartments for almost 4,000 nights; and hundreds of free tickets to sporting games, concerts and plays, and hundreds of lunches, dinners, golf games, duck and goose hunts, fishing trips, and other activities.

This account is not directly run by this charity. Instead, it is run by a volunteer Newgrounds user. All the information for this account is linked directly to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. So whenever a payment is sent it goes directly to the charity! NOT a third party!

If you wish to contribute to this charity, add this profile to you portal buddies. After that you can coauthor this account to any of your flash projects and designate a portion of the Ad Revenue to the charity.

Thank you for your consideration to this cause and please contact this account with any questions.

The Yellow Ribbon Fund


Comments (4)

This is such a FANTASTIC idea!

I've added both you and the Breast Caner Research Fund to my Portal Buddies and I'm sure there's a way of splitting the revenue 50/50 between both of your charities.

I should have something submitted by the end of next month :D

Keep up the fantastic work!!

If I can get something done with flash, I will add you to my portal buddies, or you add me, since I forgot how you add a portal buddy.

Great idea. I hope a lot of people decide to participate.

keep on truckin'